The foundation of a thriving community is having access to resources that make us stronger. It is paramount to highlight the importance of community, because without its presence, our endeavors will always fall short. Together with Community Code, Career Source Florida, and East Gainesville Instruction, our goal is to assist members of the community with accessing educational tools, social programs, career skills, and more. Working together in forming a stronger community leads the way to reaching success, achieving goals, and triggering creativity.


In today's climate, education is a privilege and not a right. Our goal is to reverse this mentality. There is an incredible amount of free educational resources available at your fingertips, waiting to be accessed and it’s all free. With the rising costs of education, why not take a look at resources that are totally free of charge. E2T2 wants to help guide individuals in the right direction so they can establish their own paths of educational training. Whether you want to go the traditional route or have a niche at teaching yourself, we will provide information that will be useful in getting you started with your future endeavors. Please take advantage of this opportunity as it is available to everyone.


Our technology outreach mission has provided many churches, community centers, and nonprofit organizations with up-to-date computers. We perform all refurbishments in-house, ensuring that all hardware/software components are working properly, then we hand deliver them as well as set them up for immediate use. The goal here is to provide our community members with access to technology for self-betterment.