Educational Resources

This page is dedicated to offering both local and outside education resources. These resources target a variety of education levels and subject matter. Our main goal is accessibilty, so all resouces listed are free to use.

CareerSource FL

CareerSource North Central Florida's motto is "Business Driven. Talent Focuesed." They believe in the power of talent to open doors for economic enhancement and personal well-being. CareerSource offers training programs through local organizations to equip individuals with the necessary skills to gain employment.

Santa Fe College

Lauded as the #1 Community College by the Aspen Institute, Santa Fe College has demonstrated excellency in both providing students with a quality education, and preparing them for life outside of the college enviornment. The college offers flexiavble programs so that students may achieve their goals at their own pace.

Community Code

Community Code, grassrooted in South Carolina, is a nonprofit outreach organization that aims to provide both technological and life skills to marginalzed youths K-12. Community Code offers I.T. awarnes events, after school programs, and summer camps. The program emphasizes the importance of computer programming and presentation skills.

Khan Academy

Khan Academy's design is simple: a personalized learning resoure for all ages. The website offers practice exercises, instructional videos, and a personalized learning dashboard used to monitor indivdidual progress so that users can enhance their learning at any speed. Subjects offered are: Math, Science, Computing, Arts & Humanities, and Economics & Finance. is a nonprofit organization that is dedicated to implementing computer science programs in public schools, while increasing visibility of minorities in tech. One way in which they are achieving their goal is through the "Hour of Code", a global movement reaching tens of millions of students in 180+ countries. Find out if "Hour of Code can be implemented in your school or go to the website and try it yourself.

Parent Academy

Parent's turn here when needing the additional skills and resources to help their children reach their goals. Presently, there is a hub located at the Fernside Family Services Center in East Gainesville. The intiative includes: mobile units to deliver parent training and other services on-site at home or community centers, specifically areas with a high percentage of struggling student.

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